Rev up your business with the iQ Decision Engine

The iQDE accelerates your agility and growth with real-time decisioning. It’s fully integrated and scalable to optimize bottom-line results while minimizing risk.

Pre-built Bureau Integration for fast deployment

  • API integrations allow real-time access to critical decisioning data from: TransUnion, Experian, Clarity, Microbilt, Decision Logic, LexisNexis, Teletrack, and Factor Trust, just to name a few

Unlimited Segments

  • Brands, channels, former customers, locations, and more
  • Support for multiple acquisition channels ó pre-approved, organic, affiliate, lead generation

Improved Efficiency

  • Collect waterfall decisioning data for price efficiency
  • Simple integration with your existing web, loan management, and data platforms
  • Cached bureau data for cost savings
  • Automated Exceptions Handling

Instant Decisioning

  • Real-time decisioning, no matter how complex your decision logic might be
  • Scalable to process millions of real-time transactions with a single API call

Simple to Advanced Scoring Models

  • Linear, non-linear, and logistic scoring models
  • Integrated machine learning models including Neural Net, Gradient Boosting, Random Forest, and more
  • SAS, Python, and R plug-ins included

Multiple Decisioning Parameters

  • Approve, decline, or review decisions
  • Configure multiple loan amounts, APRs, and payment terms
  • Implement risk-based pricing

Compliance Adherence

  • Audit and compliance friendly
  • Transparency of underwriting decisions
  • Trace every change

Integrated with leading credit providers

  • TransUnion
  • Experian
  • Clarity
  • Microbilt
  • Decision Logic
  • LexisNexis
  • CoreLogic
  • Teletrack
  • Factor Trust

Automating risk and fraud scoring on a flexible and scalable software platform.

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