Our history and future

With nearly two decades of industry experience, we bring a deep knowledge and understanding of consumer insights, marketing, data analytics, and software solutions to our clients. As a software provider, we're focused on the ever-changing lending market and the needs of our clients, who want the most innovative solutions for their customers.

iQ Decision Engine has provided the intelligence to create multiple lending portfolios. Leveraging these models and scores, lenders using iQDE technology have profitably originated over $4B to over 2,000,000 customers — and we're continuing to grow as a leading fintech company.

Our iQDE platform has full-cycle performance analytics and 12th generation risk scoring models. And we have the resources to keep building our offerings to provide best in class lending-as-a-software products. But enough about us — let's discuss your needs and goals.

Integrated with leading credit providers

  • TransUnion
  • Experian
  • Clarity
  • Microbilt
  • Decision Logic
  • LexisNexis
  • CoreLogic
  • Teletrack
  • Factor Trust
  • Usio
  • NeuroID
  • EmpInfo

Automating risk and fraud scoring on a flexible and scalable software platform.

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